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JJ's Ribs on Campbellton: You Will Wait (and Come Back)

Old and gray, there is nothing seemingly special about the shabby little shack tucked off Campbellton Road. It’s only furnishings are throwaway church benches and two bleached-brown tables. It’s décor: celebrity pictures plastered on walls and a lightly stacked magazine rack in one corner on the restaurant’s marred black concrete floor. On Monday and Tuesday afternoons, hardly any traffic clutters the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, which stands beside a gas station and a string of other

Camp Creek Marketplace Cartridge World Provides Green Solutions

For months Michael Davis prepared for the opening of his franchise with the world’s reportedly largest retailer of printer cartridge refills. He found the perfect spot in the upscale Camp Creek Marketplace center on Camp Creek Parkway. He researched the market, finding out which cartridges were the top sellers. His inventory stacked; his employees in place, Davis opened Cartridge World, at 3645 Marketplace Blvd., in November 2010, hoping to capture a customer base that was ready for cheaper ca

One of Oldest Black-Owned Atlanta Cab Companies Surviving in Recession

In a space slightly larger than a walk-in closet where the only luster was a large, old Asian fan, housed all one man needed to run a cab company—a desk, a phone and a set of files. To the left of the hanging fan that featured two flowers on a branch with a bird perched beneath it, was the brown desk where Sam Maffett sat daily dispatching calls, listening to patrons' complaints and keeping track of his six drivers. Maffett was the manager, one of many since the death of Charles Heard, the own

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The Ugly Side Of the Beauty Supply Market

Frank Mohadou closed the door to the beauty supply business he was struggling to keep, in the slice of space he obtained from his sister. The still night held no comfort for the African native as he slid behind the wheel of the $250-a-month car he could barely afford. He ignored the thought of going home; knowing soon he would have to find another place to live since the people he was staying with were drifting apart. Instead, he sat; his anxiety and frustration combed into a manageable silen

Riley's: A One-of-a-Kind Cascade Thrift Shop

With its warm atmosphere, colorfully-rich décor and plush setting, Riley’s International Boutique and Thrift Shop is one of a kind – and not only in southwest Atlanta. Monday through Wednesday, the regular sounds of soulful music drift outdoors, inviting passers-by to stop and listen. Those who open the door, inhale the scent of vanilla as they step onto a plush carpet rich in earth tones and hand-stitched, as if for the floors of an upscale Las Vegas casino. They may resist the urge to sit in

The Summons Barbers: The Intellectual, The Cowboy and The Comedian

It’s an unlikely refuge for the old and the young – a quaint little shop tacked onto to the end of a series of little shops on Cascade Road. The conversations, ranging from the casual to the controversial, engage everyone inside; and the sound of laughter routinely bursts out of the confines of the little shop to welcome visitors, friends and clients. Summons is no mere barbershop where clients drift in and out, nodding at each other on the way. Here the doctor and the student, the professiona

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How Rituals Reminiscent of Slavery Challenge Greek Greatness

For R. it was simply a matter of curiosity. He knew little about the Greek-letter organizations, but when different fraternities approached him and his friends about joining, he decided to give it a try. It was at Howard University, the first historically black university to form a black Greek-letter organization. “Each one had different hazing regulation. Each one put you through different events,” said R., who did not want his name used because he has clients who are members of fraternities.

The Story of Greek Organizations on HBCU Campuses: Stepping Up to Support

There were seven of them. Some were members of the Prince Hall Masons, a secret society, and others were the sons of members. It was a cold and stormy night on December 4, 1906 when they gathered in upstate New York. These black Cornell University students decided to create an organization that had no precedent. And, they did so with opposition from their white counterparts on campus and in the community.  They also had opposition from their own, said one of the founders, Nathaniel Murray, who

Check Your Date Before It’s Too Late

In her mid-60s, Shelly-Ann had beaten the odds and found love. But, she could likely die because of it. He was charming, good looking and around 15 years her junior. They dated for about five months. Still, her family was suspicious, but they couldn’t have guessed the disturbing truth. Everything was a lie. He wasn’t from North Carolina, he was from New York. He didn’t own a moving company, he was on the run. And by the time her daughter met with representatives of the Date-Check by Headhunter

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